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Divorce and Custody Lawyer in Calgary

Divorce entails not only the dissolution of the formal relationship of marriage, but the reorganization of the relationships between the parties as well. In high-conflict situations, a communication framework must be built and reasonable expectations set and acknowledged to make any future contact palatable. Parenting of children is complex, because each parent believes he or she has the best solutions in any parenting conflict. There is a spectrum whereon the parents can incorporate both parties’ solutions at one end and completely reject each other’s ideas at the other end. I try to ensure that both parties contribute to parenting decisions and at least that each understands the other, even if they do not agree.

Where there is unreasonable behaviour by a parent, I recommend third-party professional counselling if I cannot provide enough guidance to alter the behaviour.

Support and Child Support

Calculation of support for children is simple: the standard guidelines are applied. Support for spouses is more difficult, because entitlement and quantum are not fixed equations. It is essential that I explain needs-based support and support to compensate for a lost career to the payor so that the payor is psychologically more likely to comply with any agreement or order that is reached.

Division of Property

Division of marital property is usually a numbers exercise. However, when there is some strange situation that suggests an unequal division of property, careful analysis of a claim is required. In some situations, the parties need to learn that “winning” is not better than “closure.”

If you are experiencing the difficulty, stress, and uncertainty of a family dissolution, I can help. Call me for experienced, compassionate legal advice.

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